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Frequently Asked Questions

1、What's the difference between marble and granite?
    Although both are stones and both are quarried from the earth, granite and marble are very different from each other. Granite is formed deep in the earth mantle at extremely high temperatures, and is a very hard, resistant stone made of crystallized minerals. The marble family starts out as sediment, animal skeletons and shells, plant matter, silt ?at the bottom of bodies of water. After millions of years this solidifies into stone. Because its main component is calcium, it can be affected by acids such as vinegar and citrus beverages.

2、Why is granite good for kitchen counters?
    Because granite is a very hard stone that formed at very high temperatures deep in the earth, its polish is not subject to etching by household acids, or scratching by knives and pots and pans. It's unaffected by typical kitchen heat such as hot pans, or spilled liquid. Heat has almost no effect on natural granite, making it much safer than synthetic surfaces with polyesters and resins. Next to diamond, sapphire, and ruby, granite is the hardest natural product on earth. Once polished, natural granite maintains its high gloss virtually forever. Normal use of kitchen knives, cutlery, and cookware leaves no scratches.
    In the seventies, Marble was utilised for kitchen tops. The problem is that marble absorbs (and therefore stains more easily than granite). In order to protect marble, one simply needs to protect it more often. To make a long story short, lemon juice will mark more a non-treated marble than a non-treated granite. This basic caracterastic of the stone pushed people to prefer the use of granite rather than marble for kitchen tops. If you admit the fact that you need to treat the stone more often, then you can use marble, slate, stones.. for kitchen tops, without any problem. They won't be stained more than granites.

3、I left a soaked glass on my granite kitchen countertop and after a while, there was a stain that fortunately disappeared after the water evaporated, but I'm not sure that if it was oil, it would have gone. Do I have to treat the granite in order for it not to retain stains?
    All granites are not the same and their characteristics make them react differently when water enters the stone pores. What you have observed validates the fact that liquid can soak and penetrate the surface of the stone. Usually, once the stone has dried up, the dark stain disappears. Stains are permanent when the liquid cannot leave the granite. Oils belong to the family of liquids that does not leave the stone. Oil stains can be really difficult to remove. It is one of the reasons why one should never put anything greasy (pizza boxes for example) on the kitchen top. There are waxes that protect the stone from oil stains while conserving the original colour of the stone.

4、Can I cut on my granite countertop?
    Only if you want to ruin your good knives. Granite is harder than your knife blades and will dull them very quickly, if you use the countertop as a cutting surface. Always cut and chop on a wooden or plastic cutting board.

5、I'm using granite for the interiors and I want to continue it outside, but I'm afraid it's too slippery.
    You should use flamed or honed granite rather than polished which is more slippery.

6、What do the finished surfaces of granite look like?
    Granite can have three main finishes: polished (shiny), honed (matte) or flamed. The polished and honed surfaces are flat and smooth. The flamed are flat and textured. Polished Polished surface texture is a reflection of polished crystals. Such texture brings out the vibrant colors and grains of natural stones. The shine on stone surface is not result of any coating but comes from polishing bricks and powders used during fabrication. Honed Strictly speaking, granite is called "honed" when the polishing process is halted just before a reflective shiny surface is achieved. This gives a softer, matte appearance to the stone. Flamed Granite is flamed by applying blowtorch-strength heat to the surface of the stone. This causes the surface to melt and some of the crystals to shatter, leaving a highly textured surface ideal for exterior paving or wet areas where optimum non-slipperiness is required.

7、We want to use slate for kitchen counter-tops. Can we cut directly on the counter-top and can we put hot pans without ruining the stone?
    It is possible to use slate for kitchen counter-tops. Overall, slate is less durable than granite, but more durable than marble. Slate is porous and needs to be 'filled' or sealed often, depending on the use, every two or three months. For some, though, the maintenance slate requires may be worthwhile because it is beautiful and different from the usual countertops. One should never set an extremely hot item directly on the stone.

8、Does Eurostone do granite tile installation?
    Eurostone is a supplier, nevertheless we do ensure installation. We work with specialists who are directly managed by our technical officer who manages all our sites.

9、How much should I pay for your stone sample?
    We have all kinds of stone colors are encouraged to find the stone names and photos from our web site.We can provide free samples, but the first samples of the freight customers must pay for itself,if confirm the orders, we will return the sample of this freight.A longtime partner is entitled to ask for it free of cost.

10、I need a granite table with certain dimensions, would you do it for me?
    Eurostone adapts to your needs and creates custom-made objects and furniture at unbeatable quality.

11、How much breakage should I expect with an order?
    It is not unusual to have 5% - 10% of the tile broken to some degree (e.g. chipped edges). Any amount up to 10% is still considered acceptable. These damaged tiles can be used for the cuts you will need to make. If breakage is above 10%, we would ask you to have it noted on the logistics receiving document and take pictures. Please make a claim with us within 10 days of receiving the order and we will replace the broken tiles.

12、I am surprised, I found cheaper elsewhere. How come?
    There are many reasons why we can't be and don't want to be the cheapest. Let's list a few of them: First, we are not discounters. There are different types of wood and stones. Even with the same reference and name, there are different qualities that professionals know about, but that you won't. We talk about quality A, quality 1, first choice, or commercial quality, Banc 1 to 5 etc... At Eurostone we only offer the best products, the top of the range. A second reason is that we do not hold stocks. When you come to us, we cut products to your needs. We do not have to sell our existing stock. We therefore only advise you with the products that would fit your needs, not the products we need to sell, simply because we don't have any.

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