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China Euro Tiger Stone Materials
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HQ Sales Add: Room 202, Pearl Bay Garden, Huandao Road, Xiamen City, China 

About Us
The European Tiger stone material Limited is a Chinese-Hongkong-European joint venture dealing in stone material , is an emerging fair mine quarring, the stone material production processing and the sale together comprehensive company. The company and the Chinese mining business cooperate in the Chinese mining mine. At the moment our company are mainly excavating black granite,rosa porrino, tiger skin yellow and other quarries, and we have our own stone processing factory, the scale is expanding unceasingly. Our company besides sell all different kind of marble and granite slabs ,tables ,also sell all different kind of special products,such as cube stone, Kerbstone, countertop, firplace, stairs and so on.The Corporation's product mainly exports to all over the world, like Europe's Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and so on; South America Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and so on and various countries and the area, the product received various countries’ favor. We while maintain the original market also positive unceasingly establish contact with the new country. Based on diversify the product and produces link's integrity, the good credit and the high quality service, the company present has been at the leading position in the world market. Our aim is provides the highest quality product and the best service for each customer. For providing the quality guarantee to our faithful customer, we have tried our best to carry out the ISO9001-2000 international quality system. And “the customer first, quality first”as our serves aim, my company take all of our staff expect to we can hand in hand and create beautiful tomorrow with you. At here,we will express the heartfelt thanks to the friend of at the past has cared us and soon will pay attention to us in the later time.
Euro Tiger Stone Materials
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